Baby's Health and Safety

Many times, new parents are shocked at the depth of feeling they have towards their infants, particularly in the area of protection. Before you have a child, you are probably aware to some degree of the incredible emotions parents have when it comes to their kids, but until you actually have a child it is difficult to perceive just how deep and pervasive those feelings go. And the strangest thing about those feelings is that they never go away; for as long as you are alive, you will feel protective of your child. Beyond a high-powered job as a bankruptcy lawyer or caring for your first piece of Riverdale, Toronto real estate, caring for a child is the most responsibility a person can have.

Whether instinct or a gift, the need to protect your child is one that cannot be argued with. We all have different ways of acting on this feeling, and for most of us it starts just as soon as we become parents. The health and safety of our babies overcomes almost every other feeling and desire, and we quickly start to pay attention to the smallest details in order to prevent harm coming to our child, whether that means moving to a secure King West condo or researching the drug testing of a new baby cold medicine on the market.

Once you do start to take steps in your own home and lifestyle designed to keep your baby healthy and safe, you quickly begin to realize just how dangerous the world we live in is. You might want to take your toddler out with you when you garden but you have to be sure they don't get near the garden tools. Everything from car rides to fireplaces are re-examined, as you begin to look for ways to make your baby's environment as safe as possible.

We cannot protect our children in every way; sometimes we are helpless to prevent sickness or even injury and all we can do is suffer through it with them. However, with a little bit of foresight, we can help shield our children from some of the cuts, scrapes, and sicknesses that might otherwise befall. Most of us are aware of the basic steps, such as putting padding around any sharp corners, maybe on bathroom vanities and fireplace hearths in our homes, getting a baby gate for the stairwell, putting an aquarium, decorations for Christmas and other hazards out of reach and so on. These actions can greatly reduce the chances of physical injury.

When it comes to your baby and sickness, however, prevention can be a little bit more difficult. Newborns are particularly susceptible to viruses and bacteria, and the first and best step you can make towards keeping them healthy is to breast feed them. Breastfeeding mothers pass on immunity they have built up to their infants, so even if you commute on public transit through central Toronto real estate during flu season, your baby may not be infected thanks to your antibodies.

Sometimes, preventing sickness means more than paying attention to what your baby eats or who she plays with. Most of us realize that what your baby wears can also help combat the likelihood of her catching a disease; we all dress our children appropriately for the weather. However, did you know that even such common problems as diaper rash can be prevented by choosing the correct waste-catching method? Cloth diapers have been proven to cause far less rash than disposables, because they hold less waste and do not contain as much abrasive material.

You baby's health and safety are of the utmost importance to you, and you both deserve the best information available. No one wants their infant to suffer, be it from a virus, bruise or simply a very uncomfortable diaper rash. Knowing where to look and how to protect your child is the first step in protecting them.

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